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WB_Cornwall_Don Rickles tribute WIP :iconbecdecorbin:BecDeCorbin 2 0 BLUTH_Uncle Dukey_Christopher Plummer tribute :iconbecdecorbin:BecDeCorbin 1 0 Wataru Watanabe_My Stars_WIP :iconbecdecorbin:BecDeCorbin 5 2 Walter Lantz_Mousie_Sucking Gas :iconbecdecorbin:BecDeCorbin 1 0 WB_CHOWHOUND_No Gravy :iconbecdecorbin:BecDeCorbin 5 2 MGM_Tom and Jerry_Little Quacker :iconbecdecorbin:BecDeCorbin 1 0 The 2000 Year Old Man_Mel Brooks Tribute :iconbecdecorbin:BecDeCorbin 6 0 DISNEY_Ben and Me_AMOS :iconbecdecorbin:BecDeCorbin 5 0 Frank Capra_METEORA_The Unchained Goddess :iconbecdecorbin:BecDeCorbin 1 0 Don Bluth_Farmer Fitzgibbons_Tom Hatten tribute :iconbecdecorbin:BecDeCorbin 6 0 Filmation n MTV_Jan and Daria_Chic Geeks :iconbecdecorbin:BecDeCorbin 7 1 DISNEY_Lumpjaw n Merida_Nothin Doin Bruin :iconbecdecorbin:BecDeCorbin 20 6 Pirates of the Caribbean_Mutineer's Fate ala MPC_2 :iconbecdecorbin:BecDeCorbin 5 1
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SPLENDOR IN THE GRANITE_Prologue :iconbecdecorbin:BecDeCorbin 0 0
The Princess and the Fog (Prologue)
By Bec De Corbin
The old giant hadn’t much longer to live.
Still young, Shudd couldn’t quite prepare himself for the death of someone who had helped him so much when others hadn’t. Burdened physically and burdened emotionally, the steps he took on the way to see that benefactor’s home were made alone and over ground he didn’t recognize for having been away for so long.
Ffalder was a traveler too, but Ffalder’s greatest journey had been across the sky, not the ground. For Shudd Fyntoltz, the open sky was something too great and high to think he could traverse it even a single pace.
Part of his blood belonged to the ground. To the underground.
With the spring storms over, the lonely young giant trekked under drifting clouds and a sun that was always in his eyes in the morning, beating his head at midday and making his huge shadow a nuisance until dusk.
Shudd had stubbed his toes numerous times and tripped twice, unable to see t
:iconbecdecorbin:BecDeCorbin 0 0
By Bec De Corbin
Phyria never learned if she had really caused the man’s death.
She saw his fear-stricken eyes as he toppled backward.
Screaming as he plummeted, one of the as-yet uncounted men reminded Phyria just how close to the precipice they really were. She held her ground on the cramped space of bare rock, determined not to come any closer to the sheer drop-off.
There was a spare margin for carelessness on this ledge; the distant, echoing sounds of a body hitting rock below proved that point.
A step in the wrong direction could send another man plummeting thousands of feet through space or just a few yards over jagged rock. It was doom either way with a long fall or a short fall.
But there were other dangers besides the ledge whose location was masked in the fog.
Where in this tiny space was it safe for all of them to stand?
Mountain mists wafted gray and dense on the shelf of rock. Sunrise had come, but that event meant little. The sky sprawled over the t
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WB_Cornwall_Don Rickles tribute WIP
One half of the heads that make up Devon and Cornwall, Don Rickles (RIP) added an unmistakable American touch to "Quest for Camelot" a film mostly cast with Brits. While Mr. Potato head from the "Toy Story" series of films is more beloved, Cornwall is much more like Don Rickles was in his long career.
BLUTH_Uncle Dukey_Christopher Plummer tribute
Canadian actor Christopher Plummer (whom I first saw in "The Sound of Music") struck me as a pretty stern and flat personality, but in the years since, he has turned in some comedic and melodramatic roles in genre films and in animation.  The Grand Duke of Owls from "Rock-A-Doodle" is much meatier role for him than Henri in "An American Tail" .  

Famed for spewing astrological symbols from his mouth to cast spells or just mess with his annoying nephew, Hunch, The Grand Duke is a great design overall and it is a shame he had to be in a film so few people bothered with.
Disney_The Story of Anyburg USA_Anyburg Killer
Who is guilty in a long string of highway accidents? The automobile is put on trial and it looks pretty bad until the defense lawyer points out that the driver is really the one behind all the dangerous situations. Hit and Run (which is what this "Young Thing" is guilty of) is just as bad as blowing them away with a gun.  Hans Conried and Bill Thompson are reunited after their work in "Peter Pan" to play opposing lawyers in the trial.

Somewhat similar to the Mr. Walker/Mr. Wheeler idea in "Motor Mania", the suspects look mild and respectable until their true, monstrous, murderous side is revealed. A demure housewife type transforms into a grinning maniac who might put some versions of The Joker to shame.
A scathing critique of motorists and bad driving habits that never gets stale, but it's more entertainment than anything else.
My first deviation submitted for 2012. An Ariel/Popeye crossover.

I guess I should have added a spinach can, but all the things I could have done might not have worked and gone on to ruin the drawing. Plenty more opportunities to embellish later.

NB: as of 3-16-2017, this deviation has been colorized.
  Things still aren't great, but a line from "Camelot" claimed that learning something is the key to overcoming down times. Well, I was out a lot of money getting TWO computers up and running again, but now that they're functioning, I am learning the rudiments of photoshop and am getting some plain line drawings spruced up with MS PAINT into color deviations. 

Not everything works, despite some clever tutorials on YouTube, especially the one about converting to Bitmaps from Jpegs and using one color to quickly erase another. The trouble was, the works had to stay Bitmaps, because converting to Jpegs meant the special colors didn't translate--flesh tones turned green, blue and gray.
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Zuider Zee
United States
I'm a 20th century survivor with bibliomania--compulsive urge to amass books. But I'm dealing with it. The mania has become too expensive to continue for much longer.

I'm trying to get something published, but I'm working with outdated equipment and I really hate salesmen.

Current Residence: U.S.A.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: ?
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Favourite style of art: Animation
Operating System: ?
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Skin of choice: Definitely young and smooth.
Favourite cartoon character: Popeye


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The-Legionary1 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Do you take requests?
BecDeCorbin Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2017
Productivity and Privacy--with a Pricetag.      I have discovered a way to get work done--but it involves finding a nowhere town with a comfortable, quiet motel at a decent price.  Harder to do than you might think.  I got a batch of scale models finished and worked on, but I forgot to bring along pencils on my latest getaway, otherwise, I would have drawn more.  A few hundred dollars later and I cleaned some lingering projects off my workbench.  So, it isn't cheap.  Libraries are NOT what they were when I was a kid when SILENCE was the cardinal rule.  I will never have the turnout I had when I still lived in my folks old house and enjoyed hours upon hours of uninterrupted time to doodle and experiment.  Nowadays, the work comes with a loss.
BecDeCorbin Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2016
One problem after another from internet connection woes, a broken-down ride, no space to work, noisy neighbors and SUMMER! I have come to hate the month of June and submit almost no work out of protest. And I think we can agree, this has been a particularly rotten June out of many in recent history. I'm glad it's over, personally.
BecDeCorbin Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2016
Announcement--I'm forced to move from my fairly luxurious residence into a much more modest arrangement where space is extremely limited and web connection may be dodgy.  I intend to keep drawing, but getting images posted will be tough and submissions may fall to once a month if that. 
DIOBrando1954 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2015
question ... are you open to request ?
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Would you draw more of April North in the future?
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Ey Zuider! Thank you for watching!!!  :D (Big Grin)
BecDeCorbin Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015
my pleasure.  Spells R Us is a favorite of mine.
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Thank you for the Llama Badge
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